Electric Ride On Licensed Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 24 Volt DRIFT Car 2 Seats-sx2028-red

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 24 Volt DRIFT Car 2 Seats-sx2028-red
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MiniMotoToys present a NEW Model of 2022 Licensed Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Real ride on a DRIFT CAR. Powerful edition Exclusive Ride On Car . SPEED 3-8 KM/H REGULAR MODE, 10-15 KM/H FOR DRIFT FANCTION. 2- Soft  Leather Seats - 24 Volt Battery  - Updated Powerful 2 motors  (25000 RPM) MP4 TV TOUCH SCREEN, SD CARD, USB. This kids sports Car has a great looking design for a two-person (1 TO  3 Years old) or 1 Driver  4-5- years old! Depending on the high. Seating area complete with adjustable play seat belts. 
Licensed Lamborghini Aventador has great options. 

1. Drift Function
2. 2 Leather seats
3. 2.4G Parental remote
4. Light up Dashboard
5. EVA Wheels on the front
6. Slick drift  plastic wheels at the back
7. Classic scissor doors
8. Forward and reverse gears
9. High and Low Speed 
10. Slow start function                                                                                           11. Front and rear lights
12. Motors: 2 (25000 RPM) HIGH TORQUE.
13. Battery: 2 x 12V7AH- 24 Volt in total!
14. MP4 player touch screen, SD CARD, USB.

15. CAR SIZE. 53 LENGTH- 31-WIDTH - 20-HEIGHT. Seat Width 19 INCHES)                                                                                     

This Newest Lamborghini model will make a fabulous present for your child's next birthday. REAL 2 LEATHER SEAT, UPGRADED By MiniMotoToys - 24 VOLTS Battery and Powerful HIGH END Upgraded Premium 2- Drive Motors. With caster wheel and pull handle, convenient to carry. ! Start button. Accelerates Up Fast Speed. New 2.4G Remote Control With Stop Emergency Button for Parents YOU CAN STOP THE CAR FROM LONG DISTANCE !! When your child is driving near potential danger. Also remote can control the speed of the car and direction Forward, Reverse, Left, and Right. !!! IF YOUR KIDS ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH TO CONTROL THE VEHICLE THEMSELVES YOU WILL BE JOYFUL TO DO IT FOR THEM TAKING THE REMOTE CONTROL IN YOUR HANDS! Maximum weight 110 Lbs, maximum rider height 3'8 ,2 seats (seat width 19 INCHES)   Working LED headlights, and taillights, working the gas pedal, and horn. CAR SIZE. 53 LENGTH- 31-WIDTH - 20-HEIGHT.

This rear-wheel-drive car has 2 powerful, high torque (25000 RPM) drive motors to help take it into corners sideways just like a true drifter should.
The drift function works best on smooth surfaces and single riders.

Also, THIS MODEL has an option to switch from a regular drive to a  DRIFT mode.  Only when you turn this switch ON then the speed will be faster!  
                                       Real ride on drift car!                                                              For more questions about this product, please Contact Us.
MiniMotoToys offers a 6-Month Warranty on parts excluding batteries, tires, and Chargers. All products come with Lifetime tech support. All replacement parts for all of our toys in stock! If needed! Please note: these cars have a plastic body, and minor blemishes in the plastic or chrome parts can occur during the shipping process; this is normal. However, clients are expected to communicate with our technical support team immediately if a product was received significantly damaged.

questions and answers

What is the size of the LAND ROVER 2 SEATS? Width? Length? Height?

Hey. Size inch- 55/32/17 Size cm.- 140/82/42. Since the electric car is two-seater, it is quite capacious.

In the Audi Q7 licensed there is an imitation of the motor?

Yes. There is an imitation of the motor. And also Number of music 6. Mhz 27Mhz. MP3 connection.

Hello. Please tell me in the model cars for kids Bentley can fit in one seat two children?

This model is designed for a maximum weight of 30 kg- (66LB).

Good afternoon. My son's birthday in 5 days. Will I have time to get car for kid if I order today? Thank you!

5 days is the maximum delivery time. The USA delivery is 3-5 working days.

How long do I need to leave the battery on charge?

Usually 8-12 hours before use.


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Not so easy walkover to choose correctly cars for kids, especially if you don't understand what you need. Electric car for 1 year old and power wheels for 2 year old it is children’s electric cars with remote control for an easy and fast correction of the route of baby electric car, they are considered to be one of the most safe as they have seatbelts, they are not so fast - maximum speed to 4 Mph, sizes varies: length 43-45" ", height from 15.5 to 20", mass of the child who can drive to 18 kg (40 lb). Electric car for 3 year old and motorized cars for 5 year olds: for this age group usually maximum speed is to 5.5 Mph, 3 speeds switching over controlled parental remote, length up to 49" ", height up to 22", maximum rider weight up to 30 kg (66 lb). Ride on toys for 7 year olds is not easy, as they are equipped with 2 electric motors, maximum speed to 6 Mph, they are fast, flexible and the risk of getting injured is increased, so it's recommended to start the use of kids electric cars at earlier age.