Motorized cars for kids Bentley 2 seater

Bentley Continental black
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Licensed Bentley Continental electric cars for kids new 2019 !.

Product size: 132*87*55cm

Two Battery: 6V - 7AH*2 / 12 Volt in total. Ride on car 12 volts.

Remote Control 2.4G. Stop button. 3 speed.

new!Two batteries 6v,7AH each (12Volt Total).

Recomended ages: 2 - 5 years

Charging time: 8-12 Hours

Using time: 2h

Front and back LED light, one button start.

Steering wheel with music. 

Dashboard with light and music.

Small improvement dashboard with USB interface, MP3 port, music.

Seat belt.

Back with pull handle.

Back wheels suspension function.

New Power wheels Kids Electric Super Sports Ride on Car Bentley!!!

questions and answers

What is the size of the LAND ROVER 2 SEATS? Width? Length? Height?

Hey. Size inch- 55/32/17 Size cm.- 140/82/42. Since the electric car is two-seater, it is quite capacious.

In the Audi Q7 licensed there is an imitation of the motor?

Yes. There is an imitation of the motor. And also Number of music 6. Mhz 27Mhz. MP3 connection.

Hello. Please tell me in the model cars for kids Bentley can fit in one seat two children?

This model is designed for a maximum weight of 30 kg- (66LB).

Good afternoon. My son's birthday in 5 days. Will I have time to get car for kid if I order today? Thank you!

5 days is the maximum delivery time. The USA delivery is 3-5 working days.

How long do I need to leave the battery on charge?

Usually 8-12 hours before use.


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kids and cars

Not so easy walkover to choose correctly cars for kids, especially if you don't understand what you need. Electric car for 1 year old and power wheels for 2 year old it is children’s electric cars with remote control for an easy and fast correction of the route of baby electric car, they are considered to be one of the most safe as they have seatbelts, they are not so fast - maximum speed to 4 Mph, sizes varies: length 43-45" ", height from 15.5 to 20", mass of the child who can drive to 18 kg (40 lb). Electric car for 3 year old and motorized cars for 5 year olds: for this age group usually maximum speed is to 5.5 Mph, 3 speeds switching over controlled parental remote, length up to 49" ", height up to 22", maximum rider weight up to 30 kg (66 lb). Ride on toys for 7 year olds is not easy, as they are equipped with 2 electric motors, maximum speed to 6 Mph, they are fast, flexible and the risk of getting injured is increased, so it's recommended to start the use of kids electric cars at earlier age.